This form is for high school students applying to Silver Lake College

Guidance Counselor Reference Information

The person named on this form is a candidate for admission to Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. Since admission decisions are based on a variety of information, including personal qualities and records, your candid evaluation will be helpful now and in our future relationships with the candidate. Please respond to the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

Name of student:
1. What is the nature and extent of your relationship with the candidate?
2. Are you a relative: Yes No                        If yes, what relation:
3. Please rate this student's academic ability, motivation, and potential.
Please add any additional comments according to your personal contacts, or a composite of teachers' evaluations.
Academic Ability     Comments:
Academic Potential Comments:
Academic Motivation Comments:
Personal Character Comments:
4. Please indicate academic strengths:
5. Please indicate potential academic difficulties:
6. Has this student had any disciplinary or legal problems?
If yes, please explain.
7. Do you recommend that this student be accepted to Silver Lake College of the Holy Family: Yes No
8. Any additional comments or suggestions are appreciated (e.g., readiness for college; desire to attend college; unusual circumstances or experiences)
Please submit official transcript and SAT/ACT test scores to:
Office of Admissions
Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
2406 S. Alverno Rd.
Manitowoc, WI 54220-9319
Toll-Free: 800-236-4752, ext. 175