Sister Lorna Zemke is an internationally recognized Kodály Music Educator who is Emeritus Sr._Lorna_Zemke_cropped.jpgProfessor
 of Music at Silver Lake College.

 Early in her career, Sister Lorna worked alongside Katinka Daniel on a Kodály pilot program in Santa
 Barbara and also spent six months collecting primary source materials on the Kodály Concept in
 Hungary. Sister Lorna went on to become one of the founders of  organizations including OAKE, MKMEA,
 and AWAKE. Sister Lorna was the director of the Kodály Graduate Summer Music Program for over 40
 years. Sister Lorna is perhaps best known for being a mentor and role model to countless master teachers.

 A gift to the Sisiter Lorna Zemke Endowed Fund would allow Sister Lorna’s legacy of exemplary music education
 to live on by way of an Endowed Chair of Music Education. 

To make a gift, contact Lori Yeager at 920-686-6273 or click here to give online. In appreciation for your gift,
Sister Lorna Zemke has requested that she be given the names of all who have donated so that she may personally
send her thanks.

On the gift form, please note the information required so your gift is recorded properly: